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Looking for feedback on IKEA kitchen plan for new construction

5 years ago

I have been lurking on these forums for awhile, and I'm coming out of the woodwork now in hopes of getting some feedback on my kitchen design for the house we are building. The house is going to be a white farmhouse style with black and wood accents that we are building on acreage. I realize that many would not put an IKEA kitchen in their house, but we economizing in the kitchen and splurging on the land. The kitchen can always be updated, but this land won't always be available!

I am planning on using the new Lerhyttan cabinet fronts that come in light gray and black. I love the black, but I am afraid it would be too dark and moody, especially here in the PNW, so I have mixed the two. I am thinking about doing white quartz on the black island to brighten things up, but using soapstone on the countertops along the walls. The wall with the fridge on it is definitely on the dark side, but I love the look of dark cabinets with the soapstone and brass accents. In the pantry I would like to put a slab of marble for the worktop. The backsplash in the kitchen would most likely be some type of white tile.

I am definitely not a kitchen designer, so maybe this would end up being to much mixing and matching? Any feedback on this would be appreciated, as well as on the layout, drawer and cabinet sizes, etc. I am happy to answer any questions or clarify points if needed, but I am trying to keep this brief for now!

House floor plan

Kitchen Dimensions

This is a picture of the new Lerhyttan cabinet fronts.

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