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Plants you didn't like, until you got one yourself?

7 years ago

Every time I look at my hostas and my sedum, I think how silly I was for not liking them in other peoples yards or in pictures!! Then my sister gave me the tiniest hosta (because we always joked about how I didn't like them) - it was called "Stiletto" and it was the cutest thing in the world. It didn't last and the subsequent two I bought after that didn't last either. But I went on to buy all sorts of bigger hostas and now I can't do without them.

I also never liked Sedum, Autumn Joy was always popping up in pictures everywhere. Then I saw one in a garden center next to something that was dark pink. That's all it took. I bought it and love it madly.

So please confess away, with all your similar idiosyncracies!!

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