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Basement closets/storage - WWYD?

7 years ago

Here is our basement plan - it's framed but the closets are not. We will probably start doing some DIY electrical this winter. Just can't stay way from the build process I suppose, haha. So - I am looking for some creative mind input here for storage. We don't like bi-fold doors and hubby wants to stick with single door closets but if it takes 2 then it is what it is.

The rooms and their uses:

Exercise room - it is indeed an exercise room. I do want a closet in there that has maybe double rod hanging and some shelving for gear (mostly biking gear). I want to keep that doorway somewhat clear to move equipment in and out (bikes, weight benches, etc). I think the best place for one is when you enter to keep that square portion of the room open for equipment. ??

Bedroom 4 - I think that closet that is drawn in is too big and will 'close in' the bedroom. It's a spare for visitors but I don't really think it needs to be that large. That said the room will hold a double/queen bed and hopefully space for my sewing machine.

Family Room (kids rec room really) - TV, furniture, maybe a alternate heat source fire place but a fake electric type of one? Not a gas one. Table for games, counter and uppers for storage? Maybe a mini fridge but no sink. We had one put in our last house and never used it. The bathroom is a close enough water source to wash hands.

Mechanical room houses all that stuff you don't want anywhere else, coolers, paint rollers, Christmas stuff, etc.

Thoughts? We have time but I want to be ready with my plans before it gets away from me and once we start electrical I need to know the location of such things. Keep in mind this is all extra space so I am looking for a good functioning space but it will not and does not need to be fancy.

Thanks in advance for the access to your brain trust.

Hmm. I made it as big as I could. I hope it gets larger after I hit submit!

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