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Advice needed: Island range hood for 48 inch bluestar cooktop

7 years ago

I am looking for an island hood for my BS 48 with 4 burners on the corners and a 24 in griddle. we have 14 foot ceiling and plan to vent straight up into the attic and through the roof. We like the sleek look of the chimney style T hoods. We are so lost with what to do on this, and feel like I can't get an unbiased recommendation. We also don't want to spend $4000 on a hood. I really appreciate any and all help. Thanks. Here are my questions:

do I need a 54 inch hood or can I get away with 48 due to high ceilings?

is 24 in depth enough or do I need 27?

is 940 ffm enough or do I need 1100-1200?

internal or external blower?

should I expect to be able to buy what I need for $2000 or am I being unrealistic?

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