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Planting a climbing rose in front of my house. Some concerns

I think I have my mind set on Dortmund (climbing rose) hardy to zone 4 (I'm in 5) I'm fairly new to roses but I'm in LOOOOOVE. I think I pretty much got the hang of it though to the point I am confident enough to plant one in FRONT of my house BUT - I'm worried about winterizing it without ruining the curb appeal such as putting cones etc Any advice on that? I've noticed that most people don't have many roses in front (other than maybe a few knockouts here and there) Is there a reason for that? Does it really look THAT BAD dormant? It's our first house and I really want to look like a pro especially when my neighbors are discouraging me from growing roses at all because they say they're problematic. Can you give me some suggestions/tips that I may not know to even ask about? :) Thanks in advance!

BTW It will be a south facing location ;)

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