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At my wits end.....

Hi, newbie here. I have been perimenopausal for a couple years. Recently went 12 months without a period, then had one for 6 weeks. I have had biopsies, utlrasounds, pap smears. Everything is clear, except for the fibroids they found. The frustration comes from my husband. He had a bad experience with an ex who was going through menopause. So now when he is being a jerk and I react, I am needing help. We had a huge blow up today. I told him that we really need to learn to communicate, and he just lost it. Said I better go to the doctor and get some meds. I tried to explain to him that when they checked my hormones, they were fine, and the only time I lose it is when I am reacting to the way he talks to me.For some reason I hate to be told that I am hormonal and crazy.

In all honesty, I did go to the doctor in January. She talked to me for a bit, then wrote prescriptions without even examining me. Estring, and estrogen pill and something to help me sleep. I was uneasy getting the prescriptions before she even had results of my blood work. Doing my own research, I refused to take the estrogen. There are too many side effects, and it isn't great on fibroids either. I am going to make an appointment with my gyno for my yearly, and hope that I can get some peace of mind. I honestly have all my life been a little moody, and I don't feel I am any worse than I ever was. If anything I think he is going through manopause. Have any of you had the problem of everything being blamed on hormones, and how do you handle it??

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