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help Range hood- 30", under cabinet, 800 CFM min Zepher Typhon? KOBE?

8 years ago

OK, I need a new range hood. I am pretty sure I have this figured out corrrectly - There are some greatly restricting facts that limit my options.

I am prepared to spend $1,000 to $1,500 Canadian.

I live in Toronto so I do not have access to all of the products Americans can get.

In any vent, here are the facts:

1, must be 30",

2, Must be minimum 800 CFM for my brand-new Thermador stove. (note- paid a wee bit more than I wanted to but got it for much less than a Wolf)

3, Going under a cabinet (Cabinet is about 11" deep - so the stupid plan could include a forced fit of a wall-mounted chimney design.

4, Currently I have 33" from the top of my current stove to the bottom of the cabinet (Note this fact may eliminate the KOBE as it may then be a tad too low..

I prefer baffles for their look, but think the Zepher Typhoon is the best bet.

So I am "thinking"




Open minded to any ideas- not redoing cabinets - I suspect the Zepher is the way to go.

Thermador is being rejected as it is $1,000 for the hood and $1,000 for the blower, etc - too much. etc

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