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I think my cabinet maker died

8 years ago

I posted about 7 months ago in desperate need of a cabinetmaker who could do high quality on a reasonable budget and turn it around quickly (original post here: I know all 3 is nearly impossible, and we prioritized quality and price, but speed was still very important. We found a few great options, but one cabinetmaker was the clear winner.

He reached out to me after reading my post on GW and said he could turn cabinets around in just a few weeks. I loved how involved he got in our project - making suggestions about countertops, backsplash, layout, etc. But weeks passed and the cabinets weren't ready. In February he was supposed to install the cabinets, but he only had empty boxes ready (no hardware, doors, drawers, etc.). They were beautiful and well made. We spent all day discussing the options we wanted and by the end I felt like we made great progress. He said he would be back with the rest in a few weeks. (He is in LA and I am in SF).

I followed up many times about outstanding details and the install date Sometimes I got "I'll be there next week" and then no response when I followed up about which day. Sometimes I got vague "i'm working on it" answers, but at least he answered. Once I got an email with photos of our mostly complete cabinets.

The last I heard from him, the delays were due to a supplier mistake and he would let me know in a few days when he could finish the installation. That was a month ago. I have been calling and emailing nearly every day since, and haven't heard a peep. Most days, my calls go straight to voicemail...but not always. I think someone must be checking the messages because I leave one every time and I have yet to hear "this voicemail box is full".

So at this point, I don't know what to do. We paid him about 50% ($10K) in February when he brought up the boxes to pay for the hardware he still needed to order. It's too much money for us to write-off as a mistake. We do have most of the boxes, a few handles and toe kicks, but does anyone make guts and doors for pre-existing boxes? We know he would do great work if he actually did the work. At this point I am so frustrated, sad and pissed off with the lack of professionalism, I would love to move on, but I don't think it's a realistic option. I google his name for obituaries and arrest records more often than I should admit. I just don't understand how someone can get so heavily involved in a project, and then just disappear.

Sorry for rambling, I just need to vent with people who can empathize. If anyone has any suggestions of where to go from here, I'm listening. And if anyone is considering a cabinet maker in SoCal that sounds a little too good to be true, PM me and I will let you know if you should run. fast.

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