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Who to ask? Liquid ratios


I just can't figure this out, so I thought I'd ask the people who suffer from deer invasions on a regular basis.

My dog died last year, and deer are ravaging my hosta, heuchera, and Japanese maples.

Upon serious research and recommendations, I've chosen Deer Stopper as an alternative to chasing them around my land with a big stick. I've been driving the Deer Stopper people crazy with questions, so I just didn't dare write again.

I could only find the hose-end type container. My hoses don't reach 3 acres, so I wanted to put that into a sprayer, instead. The lady says it's 1:9, but how is that in gallons? I admit to ration stupidity (among other stupidities) and don't want to use too little or too much.

Any help from those less challenged than I?

Thanks so much.

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