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Using Superthrive foliage-Pro on hosta

last month
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I grow hosta in pots only. I bought Superthrive Foliage-Pro at the suggestion of Al. The hosta I bought last year (lost several) all were in need of mineral supplementation (iron chlorosis). The problem was that I used Miracle-gro right out of the bag and it didn't drain. (I would swear that it used to work just fine.) I re-potted all of those hosta in a mix of Miracle-gro, expanded shale, perlite and pine bark mulch. I applied the recommended application for mineral deficiencies (1 tsp. per gallon).

Now, the two questions:

1. Do I use this product as my usual fertilizer? Obviously, I don't want to continue to water my plants one gallon at a time all summer. The label says to use in a siphon mixer, which seems to apply to sprinkler systems. The other option is to mix it in a sprayer, which seems to be another option for carrying around and continuing to refill a gallon container.

2. If this is a good option for regular fertilizing? If so, how can it be applied easily?



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