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What are you doing Monday 4824

Who's hosta are in the path of the eclipse? I am kind of excited about it. I have my tinfoil hat ready. I have small ones for the birds too. In a small way I hope something happens. I do not want all this media hype to go to waste. A fun day ahead.

Sandyslopes do you remember the quake in 1971? I was in Arleta then. I went out to watch the lunar eclipse and we were having strong aftershocks. A 6.5 in the morning and lunar lights out in the evening. What a day. My dad tried to get me to school that morning. I still chuckle over that.

So what are you up to?

Have a great day everyone.

Fire Marshal Bill here with an important message about the eclipse: DO NOT LOOK WITH YOUR NAKED EYE. Do not look with a naked cell phone eye. No weld helmets or sunglasses either. Get the correct glasses.

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