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trying to revive an Azalea in container

7 years ago

I would be interested in any suggestions on how I might revive this azalea. Perhaps you would call it a topiary. It is about 14 inches high. I received it about a year ago and it was quite happy on my sunny patio. I can't recall if the blooms were pink or red. I assumed it was not hardy so brought it indoors in September for the winter and set it in front of a east facing window.

During the winter, all the leaves fell off and the buds seemed to die. I brought it outdoors again in May onto my sunny patio. I kind of like bringing things that appear to be dead back to life. I hacked away pruning away a great deal several weeks ago. I have not repotted it. Now, some leaves are finally appearing. I would like to see some flowers again but I am not aspiring to return it to that shape it had when I first got it. As you can tell, I have no idea whatsoever what I am doing. Any suggestions on how I should care for it are most welcome. I live on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Canada in zone 6a.

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