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Can you plant a clematis in a container? How large a container?

I recently had to emergency-transplant a beloved clematis vine to a friend's house's yard when my nasty vindictive co-op manager threatened to toss it because he did not like the idea of a trellis in front of the building. I hastily dug a hole next to an azalea in my friend's yard, because the rest of his yard was covered in a decorative gravel design. The clematis had been growing for the past5 years in deliciously loamy soil in front of my co-op. Now it will have to contend in 100% non-improved clay junk soil, with an azalea next to it for competition. Should I go over there with a sufficiently large pot and transplant the clematis into it, to give it better soil and eliminate it having to compete with the azalea for nutrients?

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