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Is it wrong to want a regular old-school fridge?

8 years ago

So, after lots of research, I've come to the conclusion that pretty much all refrigerators in my price range (~$1200 or under) are badly made and all have problems. The worst part is, I actually DO NOT want in-door water/ice, or any of the extras that I consider pricey and completely unnecessary. I am absolutely not going to consider high-end appliances for this house (absolutely NOT in the right neighborhood for that and so would be incredible waste of money for me). I am a one-person household and I just want my food to be kept cold or frozen until I'm ready to consume it. In a perfect world, I'd have a bottom freezer and maybe an ice maker - the ice maker is negotiable. I would like, however, to have SS - on that I won't compromise.

But then I read reviews and am shocked to hear that these things are utterly sub-par and fail in some way within a year or two. I can't see spending that kind of cash (over $1k) for a thing that will cost me more money and/or not work. Is it wrong that I'm considering getting an old-school top freezer in SS and calling it a day?

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