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Old home; new front door; need storm door ideas

9 years ago

caroline945352 hours ago

Please forgive the poor photos taken when the sun was its brightest on the house.

The new front door installed. It faces due east.

Now I need ideas for the storm door type and color.

Should I go with white to tie in with all the white windows?

Could I go reddish brown to blend in with the door? The door, deck, and roof are darker than they appear in this photo.

I do like the look of the security storm doors with metal scrolls. I don't think it could be too swirly; but I don't really want just straight bars, either.

I do not want anything to obscure the leaded glass window.

I want to be able to remove at least part of the storm door and replace it with a screen panel so I can see and hear the birds and enjoy any breezes we may get. A full screen panel will not work with my two mad, rabid dogs!

What would be my best options for this door and deck?

The rock garden is one of two in the front yard and will eventually be filled with perennials. This year it's holding overflow from the south veg garden - tomatoes, kale, cabbage an Swiss Chard.

What color / style screen door would you suggest?

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