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Look at my new babies! :D

8 years ago

I feel awkward about posting so much but these guys came in the mail yesterday and they're so great I had to share them! I got two semi-miniatures and a standard from Lyndon Lyon.

^ This one is a Ness' Cranberry Swirl, since the tag isn't visible

^ This is a Music Maker. It came with flowers but they'd snapped off in transit :(

The semi-miniatures are even cuter than I thought they'd be :D I think the Ness' is my favorite (I can't believe the rootball on that one! Takes up the whole pot!). I can't wait to see what they all do. They seem pretty happy, so hopefully they settle in ok (and now I know not to put them in direct sun ever @_@)

While I'm at it, here's the sun-damaged violet I posted about yesterday. It... actually looks much better. The dark patches on the leaves are stiffening back up (I'm thinking maybe sunburn on some of them?)

So that's my collection of violets (so far ;) )! I'm really proud of all of them <3

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