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Am I on the right track with my exterior colors?

8 years ago

Hi Paint Experts!

My husband and I are building our dream home, and I'm starting to worry a bit about our exterior color choices. Right now, we're planning on Behr's Sled (color matched in SW paint) for the main exterior, with Raging Sea for our door and sidelights. The trim and stone colors are below, as is our uninstalled door. The house is one in our neighborhood and the exterior is a dark brown - though it can read many different variations depending on the light.

We like a dark grey/navy tone, but we worried about the door disappearing if we went with black or just the trim color - which is why we decided on Raging Sea. Our handleset and light fixtures (front porch fan) will be ORB.

Am I on the right track? Opinions? Expert Advice?

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