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Rug - am I on the right track?

14 years ago

I have been looking at rugs to pair with my mirrored table which will arrive in mid Sept. I'd really like to stick with a flat weave since it is a dining room.. and ideally, I'd like to bring in some color. I had discounted color and even patterns when I first started looking but as I broadened my search outside of blue/green/black combos, I found that I think I could make a pattern work.

What do you think of this combo? The rug is from grandin road and a bit more than I wanted to spend (ok, it is double what I wanted to spend) but I am liking the pumpkin color with the table. No idea on wall color as yet. I do use this orange pumpkin as an accent color in the adjoining rooms from time to time and I would like to use more.

Jaipur Sumak from Grandin Road

My table.. mine is being made so the pattern on the table top will be different but similar colors.

Another option with similar colors-- this one is from home decorators (and isnt cheaper)

What do you think? Am I going the right direction? My fall back is a sisal rug or a bistro like diamond pattern but I'd prefer some color.

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