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Undermount Sink and Granite

8 years ago

Hi All:

We got under mount sinks with granite counter top for our bathrooms as part of our home renovation. I was cleaning the sink and rinsing the sink down with a cup of water. I was throwing the water high up where the sink meets the granite. The granite over hangs and sink by maybe 3/4" or so. But when I looked inside the cabinet, I saw a puddle of water. Upon closer inspection, I could see about a (1/4" - 3/8") of a gap between the sink and granite. I didn't see anything to close the gap like caulking or anything.

I would like to know if this installation was done properly or should there be something to prevent any water from spilling out and into the inside of the cabinet.

If this sink/counter-top was not done properly, what are some options to resolving? I'm guessing caulking would be an option but not a very good long term one, but how would you block such a big gap too?

Suggestions please.


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