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Opinions on balancing height - Front of House w/ pictures

8 years ago

Hi, my wife and I are working on transforming late 70's landscaping on the front of our home and would really appreciate your expert advice. We have about a 3' x 15' strip of ground along the house, elevated concrete entrance and dropping back to another 3' x 15' strip.

The sidewalk then separates that ground from the "lawn" (in progress). We would like to till and expand landscaped area on the other side of the sidewalk.

We're concerned about poor height planning and the best plants to choose for central Iowa, full sun.

My wife is leaning towards a majority of white for anything flowering because of the house color. That's up for change as well based on opinions.

I should add that we are also open to transplanting any of the existing plants. I'm definitely not a fan of the existing situation on the right. The plants on the left are just on the ground in case its not clear in the picture.

We greatly appreciate any help!

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