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Opinions on Home Elevators for 2 story homes, Please

We won't be adding one to our home soon, but can see it's value at some point. We are retired grandparents in Southern California in a 2 story Custom home with killer views and on a very STEEP hillside. I use a hiking staff to navigate down the hill. It's that slippery steep.

Prior to purchasing this home, we only wanted single story homes, but we ran into a ton of issues. Mostly they were just too small in our price range. Finally, we expanded our search to 2 story homes. Of course we fell in love with this home and are still young enough to deal with stairs.

Kitchen, Powder Room, Dining, Media Room and Living / office / workout all downstairs. Bedrooms, Baths, Laundry upstairs.

I recently had minor surgery, but while waiting in pre-op, I heard 2 people next to me say they were in for full hip replacements! YIKES! There is no way either of us could deal with the stairs if that or knee or ankle issues come up. We are probably 8-10 years out on the addition.

I know an elevator adds value to a home. Any suggestions or experiences you care to share?

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