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What helped your sleep? mattress, foods, supplements, exercise?

strawchicago z5
8 years ago

I'm going to buy a new mattress for my kid. We have a memory foam mattress, don't care much for it. We have firm-coil (Spring Air) mattresses for 20 years ... really like them, but need to replace one. I always look for ways to improve sleep.

Found a link from a slide-show as to what helps with good sleep:,,20306715_last,00.html

I disagree on Valerian: bought those in pills one time and they STANK !! is right about melatonin can cause depression. Instead of green tea, I use spearmint tea: makes me drowsy in minutes. But Peppermint tea has 1/2 the amount of magnesium as spearmint, so peppermint doesn't work as well. I'll plant more spearmint this year .. so many varieties of mint: grapefruit, orange, pineapple, apple mint.

The above link mentions Wild-lettuce and hops as sleep-aid: will research on them. Magnesium works VERY WELL for my sleep. I take magnesium oxide, since it's cheaper & more convenient than CALM (magnesium citrate powder). I sometimes take nap during the day, and I notice that foods high in magnesium, like beans & rice & veggies help with deep sleep. Question: what helps with your sleep & nap? Would be interesting to see what type of mattress, foods, supplements, or exercise can help. Thank you.

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