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Need some answers to Butternut Squash Questions

9 years ago

Hey! So this is my first time growing B. squash, and it is going really well. I live in South Florida, and I planted my seeds on Feb. 8. This would make them about a month and half old now. I am also growing them vertically up a trellis. I have some questions/concerns that I would like answers to:

1. All of my plants are producing many more female flowers than male flowers. I'm having to pinch off a lot of the female buds towards the bottom of the plant so the plant would put energy towards growing longer. It seems that there is one female flower for every male flower. Is this natural?

2. I have about 5 male flowers on the bottom of each plant that are taking very long to grow and they do not seem to be getting any bigger.

3. One last thing, how big should my butternut squash be before it can hold/ sustain 1-2 fruits?

Here are some pics:

This is my tallest squash, it's about 4.5 feet tall.

This is my entire garden>

And these are the male flowers on the tallest plant

If there is anything else I should be doing different please tell me. Also, if you can only answer one of my questions that is perfectly alright. I am just looking for feedback!

Thank you!

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