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Couple questions about baking butternut squash for freezing

7 years ago

Last year, I decided to quit cutting butternut squash in half to bake, since it was so hard. Instead I would just puncture them (like you do a potato) to release steam. But I needed to save some of the seeds for next year, so I cut a couple in half, scooped out the seeds and put them on a baking sheet (with sides) cut side down. I noticed that they lost a lot of fluid while baking. Then when they are soft, I scoop out the meat and use an immersion blender on them, and freeze them. My question there any reason NOT to add that liquid back into the mash? Seems like it's good stuff, right?

Also, do you remove all the strings around the seeds? Is there any reason you can't leave them? I'm just thinking they might have good nutrition in them too, but don't know if they would make things bitter?

Also.......on the squash that I leave whole to bake, might I lose less liquid if I only stab a few holes in one side, and keep that side facing upward?

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