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Blooms...I need blooms....Winter is too long!

8 years ago

Have to have a few just to get by

Front area

Then the bed that has had a lot of changes...right front some of the old ones are moved or gone...even Rose F Kennedy had to move to the front get out of blueberry shade.

You can see where the blueberries had encroached on the flowers, so had to move some and some had to be divided.

Above is some of the back area with Barney and Shake the Mountain blooming well.

And this is a side back bed with Brave of the first named varieties I bought and Shelby in the right last year..Tiger Ryver and Primal Scream add their own color.

And the brilliant color of Rocket Blast that bloom and re-blooms.

I would like to see very beginning of the season of the season in the left back are across from iris row.

I want blooms! How about you.


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