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Living Room and Playroom colors

9 years ago

I need help picking colors. I have lived with beige walls for the last 10 years because we were always either renting or trying to sell a house. Now we have a house we are going to hopefully stay in and I NEED COLOR!!!!! I did pick a nice beige for the bedroom and that room looks great. Same with the bathrooms upstairs and hall. But downstairs is where I spend most of my life (I'm a stay at home mom) and I need happiness. I painted my kitchen Behr Honeydew. It's a bright green but I really really love it. It makes me smile everytime I look at it.

I don't quite know where to start and stop with painting though. I have brown carpet and dark brown couches. Both of which cannot be changed right now. I really wanted to paint the living room the same green as the kitchen but my husband adamantly says no. Also, we have dark wood beams, and again, they "have" to stay dark. So does the trim. I am living in darkness all day (only 2 lamps in the living room, no overhead light). I was thinking about a happy yellow like Bicycle Yellow (behr) or a bright blue like Gem Turquoise (Behr) for the living room. But would they clash with the kitchen? And I have no idea about the playroom. Was actually thinking about a grey, but with splashes of color in curtains and artwork, etc.

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