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Capital Culinarian Huge Problems - HORRIBLE customer service!

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I bought a Culinarian because of what I read here on (formerly) gardenweb. I was so excited.

I've had the range (48" Self clean, 4 burners + grill + griddle) for one year now. For the past six months, I've been calling customer service. I've placed seven separate service requests (three of which were apparently lost). I've spoken to Bob (no help). They'll say they've called service provider. I wait, but nobody ever calls me again. Part of the trouble, I suspect, is that I live almost 100miles from their nearest approved service provider, whom when I've called them directly, explicitly says they won't come out to me.

My griddle, which has pretty bad hot spots btw, has been turning on more and more explosively. The knob will be switched completely off. It starts by making the little electric click sound like when you turn the knob, and the green light comes on. A few minutes later the griddle itself ignites. Today I was pouring my tea at the counter right next to the griddle and the rush of air that blew past me when the griddle flame came on made me jump back. It was genuinely scary. That never happens when we intentionally use the griddle. (Oh, and like others have complained, the main oven is ridiculously uneven. Bacon on a sheet tray is a disaster. I have to turn it twice, and that's just so at least all the corner pieces will be similarly twice as cooked as the inside pieces. And yes, I've tried all the possible rack positions, with and without convection. This oven SUCKS.)

I am appalled, and beyond furious with this company. How DARE they take my close-to-10K and refuse to service a clear problem?! There is NO EXCUSE for their total failure to support a clearly defective and DANGEROUS product. I just don't know what to do. I hate this range, I hate this company, and I feel so duped and angry - not to mention afraid their negligence is going to burn the house down around my family. Maybe shaming them on a public forum will finally be enough to get them to listen, but for those of you still thinking you want this range: do you want to be stuck with this method of getting help? Do you want to have to find someone, at your own expense, to fix their mistakes on top of the massive amount of money you've already given them? Because that's where I am, unless I can get my credit card company to give me a chargeback on this POS.

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