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Need help building a retaining wall

7 years ago

Hi all this is my first post so I hope I can get some input. I have decided to build a retaining wall using pressure treated wood. The original plan was to build three walls and have 2 separate levels. Now after building one wall I want to just go higher and build 1 more wall a little taller vs 2. So creating 1 larger level. Im using 4x4 posts every 4 feet with 2x8's behind. The soil is full of rocks from the 2 inches to 5 or so inches. I live in San Diego so the weather isnt too intense to say the least.

My question is when does a wood wall need to have deadmen? And if I need them how exactly would I build them on this design. My idea is add another 2x6 onto this wall and build about the same size wall up top. The walls would be right around 35.5" but the dirt would be lower leaving a 3 or 4 inch lip so dirt doesnt overflow.

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