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Retaining Wall Landscaping Help Needed!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We are building a house. There is a staggered retaining wall in the backyard. It ranges from about 1 foot high to about 5 foot high. We own the property beyond the retaining wall, which is a berm about 12-15 feet wide. I have to keep the retaining wall. The builders require that we put a fence on the property line, which is at the top of the berm. I want to remove the fence the builder has placed along the retaining wall, but I have an active dog that would not hesitate to jump off the retaining wall. I don't worry about him jumping from 2 to 3 feet, but of course the higher it gets, the more dangerous it is for him. I am looking for help on how to address this issue while keeping a clean line for the eye. We want to give the appearance of the deepest yard possible. We are planning to put landscaping with grasses and bushes in the area beyond the retaining wall.

The distance from the back of the house to the retaining wall is about 30 feet. Beyond that, our property line extends another 12-15 feet. We plan to put a stone patio about 20 feet square off of our sliding glass door.

It will look strange to have the fence only halfway along the retaining wall, but I want to restrict access for my dog (as well as for eventual grandchildren). Anyway, I'd appreciate ideas and advice!

The first two photos show the backyard and how the retaining wall is in relation to the house. The corner you see is the corner of the kitchen exit to the backyard. The last photo shows the view from inside the kitchen looking toward the retaining wall and backyard.

The red line is the property line.

Here is a view of the berm, showing the fence and retaining wall, looking toward my neighbor's house. Our house foundation had not been poured at this point.

The view looking out the kitchen sliding glass door/bay window. Right at the top of the black fence is the top of the berm which is the end of our property line and where I want to put a similar black wrought iron fence, removing the fence at the retaining wall.

Thanks in advance for all of your help and advice!!!

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