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Step son not interested in moving out... Please help!!!

9 years ago

My husband and I have been married for just over 2 years and have been together just over 7 years. While we were dating my husbands oldest son got a job in Poland (he had met a girl there during an exchange program through university and wanted to be near her) so he moved there and stayed with her family, but 9 months later he decided he didn't like it there and asked if he could come home and bring the gf along. In the mean time, DH's other son found a job about 4 hours away and moved out.
So, DH agreed to let son #1 move home with his gf thinking it would be for a few months or a year at most...that was nearly 6 years ago. At the time neither had a job and we both thought that once they secured employment they would want to have their privacy...
They both went back to school and now she has a good job with a bright future and he has opened his own business and is doing fairly well although as in any new business things start out slow.
They do not pay rent, my step son drives a car provided by my husband, he also has his insurance and cell phone covered by DH. We cover the cost of housing, Internet, utilities and most necessities. They buy their own groceries if they want something we don't normally keep in the house.
They are respectful... Do their own laundry, clean up after themselves ( not always in a timely fashion when it comes to dishes) and help with vacuuming and yard work.
They are both in their early 30's and just seem very comfortable with the way things are. To add to the problem, my daughter moved in when DH and I wed. She's only 22 and still in school full time ( she also makes a car payment, insurance payment and pays her own tuition,buys her own books and pays her own cell phone bill) working only part time at McDonalds. (I also have 4 sons between the ages of 22 and 28 who live on their own)
We hoped once we got married, step son and gf would want their privacy and respect the fact we are newlyweds and move out... Not happening.
DH isn't the type to "kick" them out nor even suggest they leave.
They are good kids, but its time for them to start their own lives. I don't want to cause trouble in my marriage but I feel this is getting old. We joke that they are waiting for us to die so they can have the house... I'm not sure it's a joke anymore.
DH would like to retire soon but he's still providing for everyone plus paying off both his sons student loans. (Btw, I work full time in healthcare)
Help... I just don't know what to do...

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