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step adult kids

9 years ago

Where and how do I start.. my wife has two adult kids. One female 26 years old. Boy 23 years old.. first they both the most lazy won't help their mother in or around the house.. The most selfish and stingy people I ever met in my life. The female followed a man to sunny and sand of Mexico spent her rent money to do so. Came back couldn't pay her rent and got evicted and need to move in to save money to move back out.. that's been 3 years ago.. then wanted a new car. Got loan for $17.000 7 year loan with car payment and insurance $700 payment. . When will she save to move.. never! She has small dog and refuses to pick up after it both inside and outside the house.the boy is the most lazy et ever he 23 years old. Won't do a single thing. No joke. Won't even throughout his own trash from his room. Barks orders to his mom on what to buy him. My wife treats them like 10 year olds. She cooks and cleans after them. They don't offer any help.they both have good jobs. The female spends on shoes, hand bags and clothing. The boy, heaven knows what he spends on..Both work both live in their rooms and only come out to eat. Or when me and my wife plan to go eat.. they call my wife all day to complain about their day like school children. They call when we are out. Can't in joy our evening out. My wife enables them.. by not making them accountable for cleaning behind them self or guild them into adulthood.. I'm tired of it all. I moved out twice and came back but things are the same with no changes. I want out of this situation. Her kids are lazy. Selfish. Stingy. How do I. 1. Get my wife to see this. 2. How do I get out.

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