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An Ode to the fast food Hamburger

8 years ago

I spent about the first thirteen years of my life working on a farm eating plain old farm food. One day an older friend took me to a fast food place similar to a McDonalds called the Ranch House. I ordered their ranchburger. WOW !!! This was tasty...O my gosh... this was real different from what I was used to. It was similar to the McDonald's Big Mac in that it had a special sauce on it.

I have been addicted ever since to fast food places. As I grow older though I seldom go to these places but about once a year I make the trek over to McDonalds and order a Big Mac. I know I have either ordered a hamburger in a restaurant or made it myself that was much better than the first hamburger I had. But, never has any of them had the impact of that first intro to fast food hamburgers.

Fast forward to today... The shake shack has opened up a new restaurant in Chicago. I stopped there a week ago to look at their menu. It was about a half hour before they opened in the morning. And...Yes...the line of people waiting to get in was stretched for a whole city block. The temperature right now is hanging around 1 to 5 degrees with a wind chill below zero. I may be addicted but I am not crazy. I will wait till springtime before getting my shake shack burger fix. By then the line may be stretched to two blocks long.

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