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36" Range w/ griddle: Capital vs. Wolf vs. Thermador

8 years ago

Hi all - I'm shopping for a 36" gas range for an upcoming kitchen remodel. I've read all the info I can find (here and elsewhere) and have narrowed my choices down a bit, but I'd still like to get feedback on a few things from owners of the ranges on my list.

Features I want:
- 36"
- gas (or ideally dual fuel, but not sure it's worth the price increase)
- griddle (I have a lodge cast iron griddle that I've been using set over 2 burners, but not happy with the uneven heat)
- Under $7K (lower is better, of course...)

My current list:
- Capital Culinarian CGSR362G2: $4450 (floor model)
- Wolf GR364G: $6840
- Thermador PRG364JDG: $7700 - ~1000 = ~$6700 (includes a free dishwasher, which we need to buy anyway). This is the Pro Grand model - also might consider the cheaper Pro Harmony.

And my questions:

1. Burners:
The Capital's are open, vs. closed for the others. Capital (23k) wins out on raw power, though the Thermador does have a 22K BTU one. Wolf is way lower at 15K. Wolf & Thermador will simmer better - the Capital I'm looking at still has the older style burners and no 8K simmer burner, though I'm assuming these can be bought and added for a few hundred more $. Has anyone with the Wolf felt like they needed more power? I currently have a basic GE Profile range with a 15K burner - I wouldn't mind being able to boil faster (I homebrew and sometimes like to heat up ~4gal of water on the range). Will the Wolf be any better than my current burner or are all round sealed burners basically the same?

2. Griddle
Capital and Wolf are gas, Thermador is electric. Wolf is "infrared" and sounds like it might be the best, w/ most even heat - I've heard the Capital has hot/cold spots. Can anyone with the Capital comment? I'd like to be able to do nice, even pancakes as well as saute stuff and maybe sear. It sounds like the Thermador doesn't get that hot and takes a long time to get there - I also don't like that it has a coating (Titanium), which some people have reported chipping on.

3. Oven
Capital is a bit smaller than the other two, but not a huge deal. Wolf seems to get the most praise for their ovens; I haven't seen much about the Capital - can anyone comment? Wolf & Capital have infrared broilers, which is nice - Thermador is gas.

4. Service/Misc
It sounds like Wolf probably has the best warranty and service. I also like the looks (subjective) and fit/finish the best.

Congrats if you got through my long-winded first post...and thanks in advance for any feedback!

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