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HAVE: Ft Worth Spring Swap Trinity Park April 18

8 years ago

Okay, I know it's still January.

But the springlike weather, along with the announcement of the San Antonio Swap, inspired me!

Although the San Antonio Swap is the 18th as well, the previous Saturday, the 11th, is the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens Plant Sale, & the following week-end is the Spring Festival at the Japanese Gardens.

Traffic will be bumper-to-bumper, & it'll just be too hard to get in & out of the park.

We *can* get a "twofer", though, since the Ft Worth Iris Society has its Spring Iris Show at the Gardens on the 18th:
we can swap swap swap, share a light potluck lunch, & head over to the Garden to feast our eyes on the gorgeous irises!

without the temptation to add more plants to our stashes, since the Iris Society won't sell 'em to us at the spring show, thus saving us from ourselves.

Thank you Iris Society.

They sell rhizomes at the Botanical Gardens at their autumn sale, which is September 26 this year.

The Daylily Society also has their shows & sales in tandem with the Iris Society, so maybe it's really a "three-fer".


back to our regularly scheduled programming.

We start around 9 AM & swap til we drop.

We usually drop as soon as we've had lunch, which is catered by all of us bringing something to share.

nothing big, nothing fancy, make it easy on ourselves & each other.

Plants should be labeled, hydrated, & healthy.

If you have cuttings, fresh or rooted, please be sure that your trade partner realizes & agrees that they're getting cuttings.

If you're just starting or if you've moved or don't have plants for whatever reason, you still can participate;
gardening gloves ($1 at Dollar Tree), nursery pots, potting soil, homemade or bakery cookies, etc are always popular things to trade.

I haven't started anything yet, but there are still a few irises at the old house where I cleaned out the beds that the new owner was going to convert to roses, so I'll see if I can get the strays before he tosses them.

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