Grafting roses on fortuniana

SoFL Rose z10
7 years ago

Hi guys,
Last summer I rooted various cuttings of fortuniana in order to graft on them. I now feel like the are well rooted (displaying new growth etc) and I'd like to start grafting on to them.
I purchased a graft cutting tool that makes a v shaped cut so that they fit perfectly like a puzzle. But the few roses that I've tried to graft have all failed.
I admit that I don't quite know what I doing, but this is what I've done so far:
I used the graft tool to cut a v notch in the fortuniana. I stuck the cutting in some honey (something I read online) and attached them. Then I wrapped it with grafting tape and put them outdoors in indirect sunlight being careful not to let them dry out.
Yet after a few weeks the top part (the cutting) turns black and dies. The root stock stays alive and I am able to reuse it. But I have not reused one yet.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I don't have a mist house, but I do have a small green house (like a tabletop one) and I have a seed starting set up in the garage that I used to root the fortunians with great success. I just can't seem to get my grafts to take.

I killed about 10 of them. Any suggestions would be great. Ps I live in a frost free area where temps are currently in the low 80s peak day and high 60s at night.

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