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Which rootstock - and where to buy?

2 months ago

I wanted to try my hand at grafting because I have some roses that I'd like to have a back up's of just in case something happens and I can't find them in the future. DA's big purge really got me worried and I finally have an Annie Laurie McDowell coming next year that I'd really like to have some extras of.

I was trying to figure out the best rootstock to use for where I live, I'm in PA zone 7a so it needs to be winter hardy and I have slightly alkaline soil. Was leaning towards Dr Huey, or maybe Pink Clouds but I'm totally open to any other suggestions. I'm concerned with Dr Huey because it's not particularly healthy in this area and I don't want to plant a rose here that would act like a typhoid mary. I'm also really unsure where to get one that's virus indexed. I was looking at the FPS rose plant site to order some virus-indexed plant material but it says there's a $150 minimum order required

Any help for this newbie here is greatly appreciated - thanks!

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