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Library Book Sale recs

17 years ago

I am currently on the committee for the Friends of the Library book sale and have been sorting through lots of books the past few weeks. My favorite title so far, "Men are Not Cost Effective". Alas, it seems to be an academic treatise on crime, and not anything amusing.

In any case, for all the hard work sorting and organizing, we get first choice on the books and I've already set aside a few gems. But, the number of books is overwhelming and I can't seem to think what to look for. Therefore, I'm looking for recommendations. Since paperbacks are a buck and hardbacks $2, I'm hoping to get my book buying for the year done, so please, don't be shy, list your favorites or what you would be looking for. I'm an ecclectic reader, any genre except horror. Also I like non-fiction as well as fiction, cooking, gardening, travel, history, whatever.

Any thoughts on Alison Weir's Life of Elizabeth I?

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