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Whats the worst book youve ever read? and why?

Hi! Im new to this forum, and my mind is positivly reeling with all the books I want to discuss. While I sort it out I thought it might be interesting to hear what books you really dislike and why.

I admit, im a dork4books. I keep a list of books ive read and rate them on a scale of 1-10, so I have notes of some of the worst.

Ive read lots of books that are, in my opinion, bad. But I think the worst was 'Little Black Book of Stories' by A.S. Byratt. I picked it up thinking it would be sort of like Grimm's Fairy Tales, but more modern. I think the stories were meant to be more haunting than outrightly scary, but they were neither. The book (which was made up of several stories) was just weird. And it felt like something that would be produced from writing class 101. The stories were bad and the writing was too.

Ok, whats the worst book youve ever read and why?


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