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L Shades

10 years ago

I am amazed and fascinated by the worldwide response there has been to this book. I haven't read it and don't intend to - I can imagine how boring and repetitive it is, as with most porn. I remember when I was a university student and Lady C. was pubished, we all rushed out to buy it. OK, it was a new experience, reading stuff like that, but soon the repetitiveness began to pall. But a least Lawrence had something to say, whether you agreed with him or not, and his characters were characters to some extent, not 2-dimensional, cardboard cutouts. I gather that L Shades is badly-written with no characterisation and I'm afraid I'm way past ploughing through stuff like that. But it is apparently graphic in its physical descriptions - as is everything, these days - hardly ever a TV drama goes out without the obligatory bedroom scene.

But: remember Jane Eyre and the scene in the rose garden where we think he is just about to declare love to her......?

And when she is far away, a long time later, his voice echoes across the hills - 'Jane..... Jane....' and she rushes to him?

And in W.H., when Cathy confesses to Nelly Dean, 'I am Heathcliff'?

And her and H.'s great row when she is dying, when he curses her 'murderer' - ie, Cathy herself?

And somewhere is planted the idea that, when he is dead, he wants to be buried next to her so that he can burrow through the soil and join her....?

I think we need real 'romance' with 'real' characters in a good story, to fully identify. Then, if there's some sex thrown in as well, so much the better. But Jane Austen is pretty powerful as well, on an emotional level, and never even a kiss. All these books are, of course, well-written.

I still don't understand the phenomenon. Anyone care to comment further, please? Shed more light?

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