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Need tree ideas to start off a L/S redo in front yard. (SE PA 7a)

5 years ago

Please see my markup plan below.

I have 50' frontage and its time to take care of it. I would like a tree left of center and have thought of the follwing:

-Paperbark Maple (Wife not crazy about it)

-Flowering Dogwood

-Saucer Magnolia


-King Crimson Maple

-Redmond Linden

I am trying to stay in the confines of my space. So I have been trying to keep the spread around or under 25', but im fine to go 40'. This spot has Norther exposure so I would not really gain much in the way of shading our house, mostly my neighbors driveway.

The other corner has a light post that I would like to keep. And given the orientation of our house I do not want to block the rest of the yard by planting a tree in that location. I have Azeleas in that spot now, but they may get relocated.

What tree do you think would suit this spot best? I used to have a Silver Maple in that location and well that came down. Not looking for a 60' tree and shy to go too small with Dogwoods or even Redbuds.

My neighbor two doors down (near jeep) has a maple (shade tree) which is and would be fine. I however was trying to fine something a bit more interesting. I do have 4 Japanese maples in my backyard which are great, but I have 4 already.

Thanks for reading and any suggestions you may have. Any trees come to mind?


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