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Asking for Help...Items to include in your post /request

11 years ago

"The only dumb question is one that isn't asked"

When requesting help, please try to include some or all
of the following information if possible:
(Right-click "My Computer", "Properties" to find specifications)

-The make and model of the computer, or a "no name" unit built by a local shop or yourself.
-The processor brand name and speed.
-The amount of installed RAM.
-The operating system..for example: XP (SP2?), ME, 2000, 98, 98SE etc., and whether or not it has been updated.
-The browser(s)you are using, IE (5.5, 6.0 etc.), Opera, Firefox, Netscape (4.79 etc.).
-The anti-virus program you are using, and if it is up to date.
-Any other items that will help us understand your system.

Try to indicate the area of your problem in the Subject line.
(Please don't title your post "Help!!!")

Please try not to address your post to any one person.
There are varying levels of experience on our forum
and members enjoy contributing when they can...

In your post:
-Describe the problem completely, and as best you can,
any significant events you noticed which occured
prior to the problem.
-Describe what steps (if any) you have taken to correct the problem.
-Tell us if any programs have been recently installed or uninstalled.
-Let us know if you have rebooted (restarted) your computer since the problem began.
(Note: rebooting solves a multitude of glitches and hiccups)

Please include any other information that might help us
zero in on the problem.

(Thanx to "Poohbear" for contributing this FAQ)