HE3 washer - pump filter

8 years ago

(Info and image first posted in the Appliances Forum by dnwarner on 28 September 2002)...

The photo below shows the removable "catch screen" in the water pump assembly of the HE3 washer. One must remove the lower front panel of the Hettie ("Hettie" is the Forum nickname for the HE3(t)/Duet washers) to access this part, but it serves a very important purpose - any small objects that escape the wash drum during a cycle (coins, buttons, etc) will be trapped here, before they jam the pump!

(from the original caption by dnwarner: The plastic box to the left contains the motor drive electronics. You can just see the edge of the heat sink above the top.)


P.S. I'll provide a better (larger) picture as soon as I'm able to get the full-size image Photoshopped down to under 60K (the max allowed by the FAQ system). For now, this thumbnail should be at least marginally useful...

[added to FAQ: 4 October 2002] {{gwi:2110500}}Image by: GardenWeb member dnwarner
HE3 pump filter


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