Winter Sowing Seed Exchange FAQs ~ The PITFALL of over-trading.


It's late at're packing up the last of the day's trades, and suddenly you realize that you don't have enough seeds to fill your trader's requests. HORRORS! This is major hassle because you now have to email the trader who's order you can't fill and offer them something else, or cancel the trade. do you avoid the PITFALL of over-trading?

Offer your seeds for trading only after they're made into packets.

If you know how many packets of seeds you have to offer you can't "over-trade" them (arranging to trade more packs of seeds than you actually have made.)

Over-trading is one of the most frequent mistakes that new traders make! It is a major hassle to email someone and cancel a trade. Keep track of your seed packet count to eliminate this pitfall.

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