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What are some good woodland ground covers?

10 years ago

Posted by Lauren Z4 - 4: I'm looking for a good source for
native northern ground covers for my shade garden. I'm
particularly interested in bunchberry (cornus canadensis?)
and asarum canadensis - wild ginger. I also have bleeding
hearts, bloodroot, bellwort, purple foliage violets,
monkshood, etc. in the area.The canopy is oak and some airy
pine. I moved in some trillium this fall along with some
hepatica, birdfoot violet, and solomon's seal. Would
bunchberry or ginger overwhelm? Would they be better off on
a completely shaded sloped north side of house? Thanks!

Follow-Up Postings:

Alta 56N zone2: Bunchberry are native where I live. They
seem to grow best in partial shade, acidic like yours should
be with those trees, cool and moist but on higher ground.
Will they overwhelm? I certainly don't think so. Here they
grow in company with twinflowers (linnaea), and wintergreen.
One does not overtake the other.

Frances Boninti: Yes wild ginger will take over. I'm
overwhelmed with it and once it invades the space of another
plant it wins. I lost trillium to it. be careful.

Dot - 7-OR: Cornus canadensis is compatible with all
plants mentioned and in the Pacific Northwest grow extremely
well together. I have also found them growing in open
sunlight under summer drought condition in logged over
sheri zn 5 MI: I just saw a show that suggested a great
companion plant for hosta and guess what it was? Yep, and it
looked great he said it was a "well behaved" plant.