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Tea Cup Bird Feeder

10 years ago

Materials needed:
Teacup and saucer (found at local thrift shop)
Copper Tubing (1/2" about 2-3 long)
Copper End Cap (to fit 1/2" or whatever size your tubing is)
Old Spoon (optional)
Bird Seed
Circle of Toile or netting (scrap piece is fine)
Small ribbons, raffia, or other embellishments
Strong Silicone Glue (GE II outdoor use, clear works best)
Piece of rebar or other strong pipe to pound into the ground.

Assembly Steps:
Glue the end cap on the saucer bottom.
Glue the cup and saucer together.
Glue on a spoon for the birds to perch (optional)
Take your piece of toile and line the inside of the cup.
Pour in some birdseed and then gather the remaining toile at the top and tie with a small ribbon or raffia.
Add any additional embellishments that you wish like a poem (listed below),additonal ribbons, etc.
Pound your piece of rebar into the ground.
Put the copper tubing over the rebar.
Insert the copper tubing into the copper end cap and enjoy.

*By using the copper end cap it will make cleaning and winter storage a snap. Just pop off your cup and saucer dump and refill or take inside for winter storage.

Optional Ideas:
*Use a wooden post instead of the copper tubing to mount the feeder by drilling a small hole thru the cup and saucer and then screwing them to the wooden post. This method may work better for people where extreme climates would make using the glue a challenge.
*A cheaper method would be to use PVC in place of the copper tubing and copper end cap.The PVC can be painted however you wish. Before assembling the
pipe to the end cap, spray expanding foam insulation in the pipe, let it sit for about an hour, then insert the rebar, next remove the rebar and let the foam sit over night. This makes the birdfeeder snug on the stake.

Feathered friends: Submitted by Dena at GW
Your feathered friends could use a rest
A dainty teacup would be the best
A cup of water
A plate of seed
A tiny perch
is all they need
A pretty spot surrounded with flowers
and you'll be entertained for
hours and hours