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Showing Fuchsias from a Judges Point of View?

11 years ago

What do the Judges look for:
(a) Flowers - Freshness. A fresh flower is one that has not been damaged, and on which the stigma has not wilted or died. On some cultivars the colour of the corolla may fade over its life cycle, providing the flower is stil fresh this will not be considered a cultural fault. Prematurely opened buds detract from perfection and are obvious in that they are normally immature and smaller than other flowers on the plant and therefore unacceptable.
Always remove dead or dying flowers; it is better to present a plant with 20 fresh flowers than one with 50, half of which are dying or dead.

(b) Leaves. Remove any heavily marked or dying leaves. Clean all the leaves individually before showing, removing water marks etc.

(c) Soil. Before entering your plant into a show, remove a quarter to half inch of soil, replace this with fresh soil.
(d) Pots and Saucers. Make sure that your pot and suacer are very clean. This can make all the difference where 'points' are concerned.

The picture below is of Fuchsia Fulgens Varigata, it was on the show bench, amongst other plants that were much larger. The reason that this one was awarded lst. prize was because flowers were fresh, leaves had been individually cleaned, soil, pot and saucer were scrupulously clean.
Fuchsia Fulgens - Varigata


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