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Cold zoners' point of view: How alive is 'ALIVE'? :0)

15 years ago

I am still considering many of my roses "ALIVE." I mean, at least "technically." But I am one of those ppl who sees the glass as "half full" most of the time. LOL

I just wondered how many of you cold zoners are like me, and how many of you would have just shovel-pruned by now. I am told that I am an extremely patient person (in many areas of life).

I'm talking about roses who a few weeks ago, had about one viable cane after pruning, and whose one viable cane was only maybe two inches long. (The rest having had to be cut off). Now that one puny cane has new red or green growth. We had 76 degrees a week ago, then a hard frost the other night, and it's now in the 60s and raining.

I'm giving most of them the benefit of the doubt, and still expect decent growth from them. Most of them end up coming back to at least 3-5 feet high by the end of the season. I realize some rose growers (esp. from warm zones) would not be bothered, because they may be used to roses that normally get to 7 feet tall. And some cold zoners will say I should be content with Explorers/Bucks/Brownell sub-zero roses/old roses. :0( But there are so many roses I love, that I can't just stick with the above mentioned.

What has been your experience and your point of view? Just curious.

:0) Phyl

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