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Some of you may remember my Mom....?

12 years ago

We found out last June that Mom had cancer. The Doctors said she had a year to 18 months. She's been having chemo all this time, and it has taken it's toll on her. They first decided to discontinue the chemo for December, so she'd be able to have a decent Christmas with family.

Now they are saying that the chemo is not doing her any good anymore, and to stop it altogether. And her time is shortened to 2-4 months. I'm so sad. I knew it was coming....she's almost 90 years old....but still, it's hard.

My 9 yr old GS and I are going out to B.C. to see her the first week of February. I'll give my DSis a break and look after Mom, and DSis will take my GS skiing. It will get her out of the house, doing something she loves, and Mom will get to see my DS.

They say that her cancer is in the liver, which is the most peaceful way (for cancer) to go. They are managing the pain for her. She will just sleep more and more, until she just doesn't wake up. It will take a couple of months or more, and at least I will get to see her.

I've had a really good cry today, and I'm sure it won't be the last cry I'll have for her. She's almost 90, has had a wonderful life, with family who adore her, but suddenly I'm realizing how much I'm going to miss her.

I ask only for prayers that she will have the peaceful ending that the Doctors say she should have. Thankyou all in advance.


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