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Some may remember me, most I would like to know

9 years ago

A few of you may remember me as Orchidllauraga from several years ago. I see lots of new names that I would like to know. Please if you remember me give me a shout out. A lot has changed in my life so if I offended you in the past I am truly sorry. If you haven't met me please give me a chance.

I am married to the same man for 23.5 years named Tony, we did 20 years in the Submarine Fleet of the Navy. He is working in the private sector now. We have 2 kids, Sam, our son just turned 21 and our daughter Molly is 19. We have just moved back to Alabama in June. I love to watch TV, play on the computer, and read. I hate housework but do it

I'll answer any questions you may have, as long as it doesn't get me a ride on the teacups..hehehehe

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