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How Many of You Make Your Own Noodles?

7 years ago

I have made noodles for years as did my Mother and my Grandma. I would roll them out by hand and cut them by hand. Then I bought a manual noodle roller and cutter and have used that a few years. Now my shoulders and arms give me a lot of problems and that is very hard for me to do. Yesterday I received the pasta roller and cutter attachment I had ordered to fit on my KitchenAid stand mixer. Today I made a batch of noodles. What a quick way to make noodles. I used the recipe that came with it but found I had to add two more small eggs. They are drying. I have lots and lots of eggs so when I find time I hope to be able to make up noodles. They make nice gifts for friends, neighbors and family. So, how many of you make noodles? I just put 24 more eggs from today in my refrigerator!


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